Adventures of The Dreaded Captain Lazarus



'The Last Human' is a space-opera peppered with science-fiction for added meaty flavour. It is a large-scale epic written in three volumes with about thirty 'books' each. (possibly more) Story and writing by Dylan Edwards. Character designs by Dylan Edwards with assistance from Steffi Achtnig. The prelude section features some of Steffi's art, but the rest of the comic is drawn by Dylan. The art is evolving over time - Chapter One is Black and white, mostly done with pencil and given tone in Photoshop. Chapter Two is going to be in colour. EDIT: After some experimentation I've decided that I don't do colour.

I am mirroring The Last Human on WEBTOONS but with a lag of a couple of weeks. When a chapter is completed in the weekly installments on Comic Fury I then release the full chapter all at once on WEBTOONS. The formatting of WEBTOONS is more rigid than Comic Fury so I've had to break some of my early chapters into shorter ones. As a result there's slightly more chapters on WEBTOONS, but there's no added content there. It's the same comic, just broken up into more pieces.

00: Prelude on Dorscu 00: Prelude on Dorscu
01: Shadow's End 01: Shadow's End
  02: The Fang
02: SSS Typhon 03: SSS Typhon
  04: Into The Breach
03: The Dreaded Captain Lazarus 05: Not Like Us
04: Black Flag 06: Black Flag
  07: The Real Fight
05: The Real Fight 08: Revision Control (Pt 1)
  09: Revision Control (Pt 2)
  10: Revision Control (Pt 3)
  11: Insufficient Data
06: The Iron Code 12: Missing in Action
  13: The Iron Code (Pt 1)
  14: The Iron Code (Pt 2)
  15: The Iron Code (Pt 3)
  16: The Iron Code (Pt 4)
  17: The Iron Code (Pt 5)
07: Code Black 18: Code Black

The grand cycle of THE LAST HUMAN is built into three large arcs, which I'm calling Volumes. Each volume marks a shift in the main character's identity and launches the plot in a different direction. It's an ambitious undertaking, but I plan to take it one step at a time and learn as I go.

Vol 1: Lazarus
Vol 2: Nemesis
Vol 3: Antaeus

The story is about the last human being, who is still alive after human beings have been extinct for thousands of years. The galaxy is ruled by an empire of robots who are based on Earth. There's mystery, adventure, drama and action! Robots! Spaceships! Aliens! There's mysticism, but no space wizards. I have tried to root my concepts in science a bit more, although I am more of an arts person than a science person. I welcome any questions and discussions about the science concepts or anything else in the comic, really.


Why give me money? I don't know why anyone gives anyone money for anything, so don't ask me. It would be great if we came up with something better but it's what we have to work with on this planet. I love making this comic and my intent is to see the story through to completion. More resources will help me with that.

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